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"The Pray'ers Club"

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Meet Ms. Shirelle

Ms. Shirelle, also known as “The Minister of Fun”, has an infectious personality and unending energy. She is passionate about the healing properties of fun and laughter (Prov 17:22) and makes a bold declaration every time she picks up the mic,

“I will put a smile on your face before you leave this place!”


She is the founder of MeeMa Productions, which was started with the intention to create quality productions and products that inspire people to do better and be better. She is also the writer and producer of two award winning short films, author of four books and inventor of a family board game. She keeps a full tank of fun and is excited for you to experience her many creations. 


The Pray'ers Club is a comedy short film waiting to grow up into a feature film and/or TV series. For producer or investor inquiries, please email


Until then, enjoy the short film and feel free to peruse through this site to check out her inspirational traveling game show. 


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