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What is GameSpirations?


GameSpirations are games that inspire! Not only will you have a great time, but everybody is a winner that gets to experience this unique variety game show whether you are a contestant or in the audience.

What kind of games? We're glad you asked! Imagine this...The Price is Right meets an Angel!

You will leave inspired, and encouraged to give the world your best version of yourself, while possibly winning cash and prizes!

Our games are family friendly, interactive, creative and uniquely designed with you in mind. 

We also have a virtual game show so you can experience us from wherever you are in the world. No fun left behind!  

Imagine the excitement of the winner of the first $1000.00 giveaway being a double amputee! How awesome is that? Shirelle has always had a heart for the underrepresented, the overlooked, and the castaways, so she was super excited that a disabled person was the grand winner! Her love of games has been evident to her friends all of her life. She is always the first one to arrive and the last one to leave whenever there is a game night. One can probably guess it’s all relative to the super competitive athlete in her, after all she was team captain, MVP and leading scorer of her high school girls basketball team. Go Woodlawn Warriors!


Fast forward to her wanting to please God in every area of her life, that daily desire allowed her to let the master creator use the creative gifts He instilled in her to spread joy, peace, hope, fun, and laughter in a unique way, while giving away cash and prizes! Do you think that’s a win/win? Of course it is! The testimonies from the participants confirm that this is much more than a game show. It’s a reminder to do good in the world.

One of her games promotes peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, joy, kindness, love, and self-control. You can agree that the world needs more of those qualities. Right? Right. She believes that light can be found in the darkest of places and intends to continue lighting a path through the old age method of fun. She grabs the microphone and declares, “I will put a smile on your face before you leave this place!” They have no choice but to oblige as her energy and personality is so infectious that even the deepest frown turns upside down.

Shirelle - hosting game show.jpg

Our games are not a ‘one size fits all’, we will custom make a good time just for you. No matter your budget or time constraints, we don’t just have fun, we MAKE fun! Tell us your goal and we’ll overdeliver. Stay tuned as we embark on our journey to giving away $1,000,000! A portion of our proceeds are donated to our charitable partners. Contact us for an inspirational good time!

If you are interested in being one of our sponsors please email

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